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We have a showroom at our HQ in Sheffield, which you’re more than welcome to visit to see our product range. Alternatively there are a number of Fire Tables in public locations that you can view here.

Rivelin Valencia Gas Fire Bowls

The Next Generation of Gas Fire Bowls

“The moment you sit around a Rivelin Gas Fire Bowl, you know you’ve made the right choice.” 

Gas fire pits and gas fire bowls are increasingly in popularity and offer instantaneous flames and heat for any garden without the smoke and smell normally associated with wood burning fire pits. Expanding upon the mundane gas fire bowl, Rivelin have pushed the concept to new heights creating the Valencia range of stunning gas fire bowls.

All “Made in Sheffield”, England the Valencia range of gas fire bowls uses only the finest quality outdoor materials including stainless steel, granite and fired ceramic. Each Rivelin gas fire bowl is individually hand built and can be specified to a high level including the base colour, table top material and colour and choice of electronic ignition or fully remote control burners.

Through innovative design and cutting edge technology Rivelin deliver what are probably the best gas fire bowls in the world. With hundreds of satisfied customers around the globe, you can be sure that when you buy Rivelin you are buying the best hand crafted products money can buy.

In a world of mass production few can match our ability to deliver such a variety of designs, with such a huge colour combination, attention to detail, customer service, all hand crafted by skilled craftsmen. We are proud to lead where others fear to follow.

“The details are not the details they make the design”

Charles Eames 1907-1978

Valencia -Designed for the Outdoors

“Weather resistant Gas Fire Bowl” 

All Rivelin gas fire bowls are designed to stay outdoors all year round and have been designed by us here in Sheffield. Our choice of materials has been carefully selected to offer the best possible protection from rain, hail, snow, wind and of course UV. Each Rivelin gas fire bowl base is made from 4mm or 5mm 304 spun stainless steel with the option of 316 by commission. Every Valencia gas fire bowl undergoes rigorous size and quality inspection after spinning, before it proceeds to fabrication.

The Valencia stainless steel base is available in a number of finishes including a beautiful contemporary brushed effect which can be further enhanced by electropolishing, a process which cleans and brightens the gas fire bowls appearance whist improving its corrosion resistance. Mirror polishing is also available, a process which through a series of finer polishing steps, achieves a beguiling reflective  mirror effect. Powder coating using a structural outdoor powder coat completes the options of finishes available for the Valencia, offering a variety of colour options which can be seen in the Design Studio.

By careful selection of materials including the use of a hard wearing granite’s and a unique range of zero maintenance sintered ceramic table tops, we have ensured that you will enjoy your Valencia fire bowl for years to come with little or no maintenance despite the weather and the odd spill.

  • Brushed Stainless Steel Body
  •  Polished Tornado Grey Top
  • Coffee Table Height
  • Architectural Outdoor Coating
  •   Base Colour Match Service
  • Mirror Polished Marine Steel
  • Brushed Marine Grade Steel
  • Electro Polished Marine Steel
  •  Granite or Ceramic Table Top



Cutting Edge Gas Burner Technology

Rivelin’s 18kw outdoor Gas fire Bowl burner is an advanced piece of technology, pre-aerated and constructed from stainless steel, it ensures no depositing of soot even on white pebbles, even when using LPG. Available in either NG or LPG versions, it has been designed and manufactured by ourselves with the pure aim of providing a high specification burner purposely developed for our outdoor gas fire bowls. Because we design and manufacture the burner, we can control every aspect of its development, something other outdoor gas fire pit companies can’t easily do, as they often use third party burners.

Easy to light and fully adjustable from high to low, Rivelin’s clean burning CE approved gas burner is no ordinary fire pit burner, and with a stunning flame picture, you will know you’ve made the right choice.

For the Valencia 2 versions of our gas fire bowl burner are available:

Electronic Ignition Manual Gas Burner

Electronic Ignition Gas Burner

The manual variant of the Valencia gas burner uses an ingenious stainless steel push spark ignition button mounted on the side of the bowl and a small hole, through which is inserted a key to manually activate the gas valve.  The spark ignition button is connected to a battery pack; stored within the fire bowl; which is periodically accessed to replace the AA battery. The design is elegant and refined and its operation is simple. Insert the key, press and turn to the pilot light position, depress the spark ignition and the fire will light. Once lit, you can adjust the height of the flames to meet your demands using the key anywhere between high and low. When you are not using the key, it doubles up as a handy bottle opener.

The key also serves as a security feature in both a domestic and commercial setting, preventing unwanted operation of the fire pit. Ideal for those inquisitive children or clients.

Valencia Gas Fire Bowl Operation Key

  • 18kW Pre-Aerated Gas Burner
  •  All stainless Gas Burner
  •  Choice of LPG or Natural Gas
  •   Electronic Ignition and Manual Control

Remote Ignition Gas Burner

Remote Control Ignition

For those looking to completely remove any buttons from the surface of the bowl, providing the ultimate in clean lines, the Valencia fully remote control ignition burner is a leap forward in convenience and design. It is the only fully controllable remote gas fire pit ignition option on the market that provides the ability to turn on, off and control the intensity of the flame and heat output between high and low, all at the convenient touch of a handset button.

We also provide a secondary lighting option as a fail safe should you misplace your handset, the batteries go flat etc. We include a wall switch option for all our remote control Valencia gas fire bowls, providing a convenient option to control the fire with equal functionality from a line of sight location within the home. Perfect if you’re preparing in the kitchen and want to conveniently turn on the fire bowl prior to going outside. We offer both an 8m and 16m wall switch to allow greater convenience in location.

Gas Fire Pit Remote Handset                                        Remote Gas Fire Bowl Wall Switch

The remote ignition burner is powered via a battery pack stored with the bowl. For added convenience we can provide the option to ignite the fire using 220/240V, negating the need to periodically replace the quality alkaline batteries. A permanent 220/240V also opens up the possibilities of future LED enhancements. This is just the beginning.

  •   Remote Ignition & Wall Switch
  •   Extended Wall Switch (16m)
  •   240/220V Ignition Upgrade



Finishing Touches make the Design

“The Devil is in the Detail”

Charles Eames famously said “The details are not the details they make the design”. Rivelin embrace this ethos, delivering unprecedented attention to detail and unique features in our range of gas fire tables.


All Weather Table CoverCeramics for your Gas Fire Bowl

For the Valencia gas fire bowls those details include a 316 marine grade stainless steel lid, which is used to cover the burner when not in use. Simply allow the burner to cool and sit the stainless lid on the granite. The lid will serve as a weather proof cover for the burner during the spring, summer and autumn months protecting the burner from water and debris. Being made from 316 stainless steel, the lid is good for use in all locations including coastal areas. Should you wish to further protect your Valencia gas fire bowl, all fire bowls come with a heavy duty black all weather proof cover. Using elasticated cord, the cover is fitted over your fire bowl and fastened via a toggle. Now you can sit back knowing your fire bowl will be in top condition when you come to use it next spring.

      Gas Fire Bowl All Weather Cover


The media which covers the burner is an equally important element of the design. We have selected carrara marble “Cool white pebbles”, a highly contemporary black accicular material we call “Black Diamond” and a clear transparent glass material we call “Ceramic Ice”. All can be used to great effect producing differing  interactions as each media combines with the gas flame and its surroundings.