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We have a showroom at our HQ in Sheffield, which you’re more than welcome to visit to see our product range. Alternatively there are a number of Fire Tables in public locations that you can view here.

Inca Fire Table – Available Downloads

Product Information  Product Information sheet detailing available specifications and options available on your Inca Outdoor Gas Fire Table.
Technical Specification Require more technical information? Our Technical Specification provides specific technical information relating to the Inca Outdoor Gas Fire Table.
SketchUp Model  sketch up logo  Need to drop the design of the Inca into a SketchUp garden design? You can download our model here.
Preparation Guide  Information to help with installation and preparation.
Inca CE Certificate CE test certificate for the PF50B burner used in the Inca, including gas types and countries of use.



Liberty Collection | Featuring a hidden gas bottle

The Inca is a contemporary gas fire coffee table from Rivelin’s Liberty Collection. Powered by an internally housed LPG gas bottle, the Inca takes its inspiration from our Aztec, which has enthralled customers for years with its clean sloping sides and modern appearance.

Housing a gas bottle discreetly within the table base, ensures the Inca can be placed almost anywhere without the requirement of a gas installer. Simply place the Inca in the desired location, open the table base door and connect a Propane or Butane gas bottle to the regulator provided.

Built from stainless steel, the Inca’s build quality is admired by all those who view it. This build quality; for which Rivelin is synonymous; will ensure your gas fire table will look pristine for years to come.

The Inca uses the same powerful 12 jet burner technology that powers our other gas fire pits, producing 12kW on high and 4kW on low. The Inca also features Rivelins unique PROTEAN  technology, allowing the adjustment of primary air to the burner, ensuring a clean burn and preventing soot even on white pebbles.

As with all Rivelin gas fire tables, the Inca is available with a wide range of table top materials and architectural table base colours. Like all our products, it has been designed and handcrafted by ourselves in Sheffield, UK and is CE certified for use across Europe.

Dimensions: 1.02m(L) x 1.02m(W) x 0.55m(H)

Weight: 95kg (Excluding Gas Bottle)

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Included as Standard

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Model Shown: Polished Nero Top, Anthracite Grey Base, Manual gas controls and Gas bottle inside the unit.

Explore your Inca

The Inca is fully customisable with an extensive range of features and finishes allowing you to Bespoke it to your personal choices.

Inca Essential


Essential Inca Gas Fire Table 

Weather Resistant Table Top and Base.

Meticulously designed and beautifully executed, all aspects of the Inca’s construction have been considered. Crafted from the finest materials, the Inca’s build quality surpasses expectation. With a base made from Anthracite Grey or Midnight Black powder coated stainless steel and a resilient polished granite table top the Inca will enthral the most discerning customer.


  • Stainless Steel Body
  • Architectural Outdoor Coating
  • Granite Table top
  • Coffee Table Height

Model Shown: Tornado Gray Granite top, Anthracite Gray Base & Manual Gas Controls

Electronic Ignition Gas Burner.

The Electronic Ignition gas burner that is at the heart of the Inca is easy to light, fully adjustable from low to high and is powered by Rivelin’s new PROTEAN Technology. PROTEAN technology uses an ingenious variable primary aeration technology, linked to a simple slider control housed within the gas valve control hatch. This control over the gas burner primary air, allows for clean burning flames on both Bottled Propane and Bottled Butane fuel, ensuring that no soot is deposited on our signature white fuel bed no matter what you power your burner with.

The Inca also allows the Gas bottle to be housed within the base of the table, meaning no additional installation costs, simply place the INCA on your decking or patio.

Please Note: The Gas bottle will not be included in your purchase. Click to see Gas bottle sizes suitable for use within the INCA


  • 12kW Pre-Aerated Gas Burner
  •  All stainless Gas Burner
  •  Ability to House the Gas Bottle Inside
  •   Electronic Ignition & Man Controls

 Model Shown: Polished Nero Granite top, Midnight Black Base & Manual Gas Controls

Finishing Touches.

They say the devil is in the detail, we agree. To finish off the Inca we wrap the burner in a stainless steel trim, insert our signature crystal clear 4 piece Glass windshield and add a stainless steel lid for protection.There’s nothing more you need,  just sit back and enjoy your Inca.


  •  SS Lid and trim
  • 4 Piece Glass windshield
  •  Cool White Pebbles

Inca Bespoke

Want to make your Inca Bespoke?

Weather Resistant Table Top and Base.

For those wishing to personalise their Inca table base, we offer a further 4 colours including a COR-TEN powder coat effect that perfectly complements the contemporary or shabby chic garden. Our comprehensive ‘Colour Match’ service takes this one step further. Made to the same exacting standards, ‘Colour Match’ offers you the best all weather protection and an extensive colour palette.

For the table top, further Granite selections and the choice from an extensive range of high tech ultra compact Ceramics in various colours are available. The huge combination of base and top options ensures the Inca you design, will perfectly complement your chosen garden scheme.


  • Architectural Outdoor Coating
  •   Base Colour Match Service
  •  Granite or Ceramic Table Top

 Model Shown: Polished Nero Granite Top, Aged Cor-Ten Effect Base & Manual Gas Controls

Finishing Touches.

If you are looking for an alternative look than the one offered by white pebbles then we offer our chic Black Diamond and contemporary Ceramic Ice fuel beds.  We are confident that you will be delighted with our fuel beds and maybe, like other customers, select more than one when you want to change your Inca’s look. We also offer an upgraded removable glass windshield with a marine grade stainless steel lid and trim, ideal for coastal environments.

Finally, with security in mind, the Inca is available with a locking access hatch for the manual gas valve, preventing unwanted tampering from children or customers.


  • Choice of Fuel Bed
  •  Removable Glass windshield
  •  Lockable Access Hatch
  •  All weather fabric cover

 Model Shown: Imperial White Ceramic Top, Chalk White Base & Manual Gas Controls