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Find your nearest fire to view

We have a showroom at our HQ in Sheffield, which you’re more than welcome to visit to see our product range. Alternatively there are a number of Fire Tables in public locations that you can view here.



We are the sum of our experiences, constantly having our senses stimulated by our surroundings and our thoughts shaped by our environment. We understand that every moment in time is precious and is there to be enjoyed to the full. When you relax your environment should be serenely beautiful, stimulate conversation and create those long lasting moments to enjoy and remember.



Our passion is to create outdoor furniture that enhance your experiences. We create furniture that exudes quality and beauty, perfectly complementing your surroundings and intensifying each and every experience. We don’t compromise on what is possible and we constantly push the boundaries of technology, engineering and design, to provide outdoor furniture that truly reflects the modern desire to cohesively link the indoors and outdoors.


The moment you sit at a Rivelin gas fire table, you know you’ve made the right choice. Sink into your sofa, relax and admire the beauty and quality that comes with every Rivelin outdoor gas fire. Take a deeper look at Rivelin fire tables, and you’ll find innovation on every level, all designed to make your life easier. From the zero maintenance ceramic table tops to the single touch ignition, with which you can ignite your fire and your dreams.


As the day transforms to night, so does your fire table. During the day it is a beautiful focal point perfectly painted to complement its surroundings. As night descends your fire table takes on a whole new persona, exuding poise and confidence as it battles the elements, emitting light and heat to bath the surrounding area in a warm orange glow. With the addition of under table LED’s your fire table will create a wonderful environment encouraging conversation and laughter long into the night.