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We have a showroom at our HQ in Sheffield, which you’re more than welcome to visit to see our product range. Alternatively there are a number of Fire Tables in public locations that you can view here.

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Frequently Asked Questions



Some of the most “Frequently asked Questions” regarding our Gas Fire Tables are listed below. Further technical information can be found in the website Technical area.  Inevitably, we may not have covered all the questions you have. If you do have any questions not covered, please do not hesitate to give us a call, our knowledgeable staff are here to help. Take a look in the media section where you will find an abundance of information in the Blog, Brochure, Newsletter and Video sections.

Why buy from Rivelin?
  • BEAUTIFUL DESIGNS- All Rivelin fires are beautifully crafted with aesthetics in mind. We have worked hard to deliver a level of quality and craftsmanship unsurpassed by any other outdoor gas fire manufacturer.  Rivelin products are not mass produced, they are very low volume high-quality items. Take a look at our Who we are and what we do video in the company page.
  • SPECIFY YOUR OWN GAS FIRE TABLE – You have the option to specify the table top material and color, the table base color and whether you require optional extras such as under table LED’s, pull out storage drawer and in some cases a remote control gas burner. We have over 3,000 combinations to choose from, use the Rivelin Design Studio to design your unique fire table.
  • FIXED AND MOBILE GAS FIRE TABLES – Rivelins range now includes units that can store a gas bottle within their base. Thses units extend the flexibility of the Rivelin range to areas where it is impractical to install a permanent gas pipe.
  • MADE IN SHEFFIELD – Rivelin design and manufacture our fire tables here in Sheffield. We only use CE approved gas burners designed and developed by ourselves, we don’t use imported gas burners. This means you can be sure that spare parts are available at short notice and not a few thousand miles away.
  • FIT FOR PURPOSE – We take great pride when we design our products.  They have been designed to cope with the weather, be that rain or shine. All our fires come with a stainless lid and an all weather cover to protect it when not in use. We also offer a unique 4 piece removable glass windshield using an ingenious mounting system, something no one else offers.
  • OUTSTANDING QUALITY – Using only the highest quality materials including stainless steel, granite and fired ceramic, every fire table is a beautiful piece of furniture to be enjoyed for years to come.
  • SIMPLE INSTALLATION – From delivery to a completed installation can be as little as 1hr. All our fire tables arrive completed within a crate. No on site additional building work required. Simply fasten the fire table down and connect the LPG or Natural gas supply, replace the table top and trim. The key to a successful install is the preparation work before the table arrives.
  • BESPOKE COMMISSION OPTION – For those who require something a little different, Rivelin can offer a full 3D design and build service.
  • APPROVED ACROSS EUROPE – Rivelin fires are CE approved for use in certain countries across Europe. Contact us for details.
  • CUSTOMER SATISFACTION – Rivelin have many happy customers both commercial and private. We work hard to ensure a high degree of customer satisfaction. As a consequence, we do have commercial clients who purchase from us on a repeated basis. References are available upon request.
How much do Rivelin products cost?

Rivelin products start from £1495 inc vat for the Modena gas fire table. This includes a stainless steel outdoor powder coated base, white pebbles, battery ignition, a granite table top, 18kw stainless steel burner, stainless steel lid and trim and a 4 piece glass wind shield. An all weather fabric cover is available.

Do you have Retailers within the UK?

Not currently, Rivelin don’t use retailers within the UK, we sell direct to commercial and domestic clients.  We always have various models on display here in our factory and work with you providing samples to ensure you are informed throughout the process. We do attend trade shows and any upcoming trade shows will be listed in the Exhibitions webpage. Further locations where our fires can be viewed in commercial locations are listed in the Showrooms webpage.

Do you have Retailers outside the UK?

Rivelin are currently recruiting retailers outside the UK. If you require an installation outside the UK please contact us, we may be able to point you towards a Rivelin approved retailer. Rivelin have so far supplied the following countries UK, Ireland, France, Spain, Portugal, Germany, Switzerland and the UAE. We can supply anywhere the CE mark is accepted.

Do they generate much heat?

Yes, you will feel the heat from a fire table provided you are not sat to far away from it. People love our fire tables, they love the heat and the ambiance they create. Of course, a lot of the heat rises as hot air but a lot travels through the air as radiant heat to where you are sat. Rivelin’s 18kw square and round burner is as large as any outdoor gas burner approved in the UK and our linear gas burner at 24kw, is the largest outdoor gas burner in the UK.

Are they available with a remote control?

Most of our permanent installation products are available with a remote control option. This can be battery powered or a mains 240V upgraded can be purchased. Check the product specification for each product or Contact Us for more details.

Are they Ok to be left outside all year?

Yes. Our products are designed to be left outdoors all year. The base of each gas fire table is made from powder coated stainless steel, the table top from either granite or ceramic, the burner, trim and burner lid from stainless steel. An all weather cover is available for each gas fire table.

What happens if the burner gets wet?

Firstly, we supply each gas fire table with a stainless steel cover to protect the gas burner when not in use. This should prevent it from getting wet. If however the burner does get heavily rained upon and struggles to initially light, simple allow it to dry out or go through the fault finding procedure. Once dry it will operate. If you look closely within all outdoor gas burner manufacturers instruction manuals, you will find all companies advise to dry out the appliance before reusing.

How much do they cost to run?

That depends on whether the gas is LPG or natural gas. Natural gas is usually cheaper than LPG. For natural gas based on 6p/kw, an 18kw burner costs  £1.08/hour and a 24kw burner £1.44/hr. For LPG using a 47kg bottle the running costs are in the order of £2/hr for an 18kw burner and £2.70/hr for a 24kw burner.  Use these prices as a rough guide only. For exact prices check with your local supplier.

Is the Gas Bottle Stored under the table?
Mobile Gas Fire Tables

For our mobile products such as the Inca, Yes an LPG bottle can be stored within the table. The Product is delivered as a fully contained unit, all you need to do is collect the correct size bottle from your local gas distributor, place it inside the table base, connect it up and you will have a fully functioning gas fire table in a matter of minutes.

  • Why would I choose a permanent installation if I can buy a gas fire table with a gas bottle stored within it? That depends on your requirements.  Our fire tables which house a gas bottle are of a lower kw output than our permanent installations. This is dictated by the size, shape and capacity of the gas bottles available on the market. In order to accommodate  a smaller gas bottle required to power our mobile gas fire tables and still comply with all European standards, we have developed a new gas bottle burner which has a smaller kw output. The gas bottle capacity used with these mobile units will also be smaller than the gas bottles used with permanent installations and so,  depending on your usage and flame settings, may need to be changed more frequently.
Permanently Installed Gas fire Tables

For our permanent installation products, the simple answer is NO. The LPG gas bottle must be stored away from the table. Alternatively, a NG supply can be run to the table (which will mean you will never have to change any bottles).

  • Why don’t you put a gas bottle under the table?  Our permanent installation range of gas fire tables use a minimum burner size of 18kw. In order to safely deliver 18kw requires a 19kg LPG bottle, which stands 80cm tall. In order to place this bottle below a table would compromise the minimum design height of the table to 90cm which is no longer a functioning table height. Any fire table stating it can run on a smaller LPG bottle ie 5kg is either rated at a maximum output of approx 10 to 12kw/hr or the seller is being economical with the truth. These figures can be confirmed by talking to Calor and Flogas.
  • Why don’t you simply lay the bottle on its side? In Europe all gas bottles (apart from fork lift trucks and autogas/camper vans) have to be stood vertically. There is no way around this.
  • How Long do the Gas bottles Last? That depends on the burner size and the bottle size and of course if you have the burner on full. This is covered in LPG requirements page. 
  • Where is the LPG stored? – LPG is stored away from the table itself leaving the area free of unsightly bottles. The bottles themselves can be housed within cleverly enclosed spaces, making accessing and refilling the bottles convenient and hassle free.
Why Gas, what's wrong with Bio-Ethanol or Wood fire pits?

In our opinion gas is the preferred fuel for outdoor fires for a number of reasons, assuming it is an option. Firstly it is controllable ie ON/OFF and UP and Down, secondly it is clean, no smell of smoke on your clothes and thirdly it can be as powerful as you want it to be. Our main objection to wood is the smell and the constant maintenance and with Bio-ethanol; although it has it place;  is that they are under powered despite what manufacturers claim, can’t be controlled and require refilling more often than gas appliances. Typically bio-ethanol fires produce around 4 to 6kw, contrast that with the 18kw and 24kw our gas burners produce and you will see why we prefer gas appliances. For a more comprehensive explanation take a look at our blog  “Got a client asking for an Outdoor Fire?”

Do you install?

Currently Rivelin do not install. We can personally deliver the product to site or can arrange for it to be delivered to site. Our products are designed in such a way to make them easy to install. Where we have details of fitters in your area we will pass them on, with no obligation or affiliation to ourselves.

Do you export?

Yes, typically within the European union or anywhere the CE mark is accepted. We can not currently export to the USA, Canada or Australia. We have exported as far as Saudi Arabia.

What is required to install one of your products?
Mobile Gas Units

This is very simple, remove the unit from its crate, install the table top, and connect to a gas bottle, its that simple.

Permanent Gas Piped Installation

Installing a gas fire table for most people will be a little daunting first time around. We often hear that gas fitters have been contacted and they have no idea what a gas fire table is? Talk to us at the start of your project, not after the gas pipe has been laid unless you are confident the right size pipe has been installed. Our products require little installation knowledge. At the start of the project you need to decide which gas to use LPG or Natural gas, which is based upon a number of factors. Next you need a gas fitter to lay the gas pipe. Once the pipe is in place the rest is pretty simple. The key is contacting us at the start of your project. Take a look at our Installation Guide.

Why do you use Granite and Ceramic table tops not Concrete, Limestone or Marble?

Gas fire table tops have certain requirements ie a certain amount of heat resistance, stain resistance (red wine at parties)  and of course weather resistance. Granite is a beautiful natural material possessing a tiny amount of porosity. This porosity is sealed before it leaves the factory making it weather proof. Once a year it is advised to reseal granite. Ceramic is a man made material, possessing superior heat resistance and zero porosity. Because it has zero porosity, it does not require sealing, it is maintenance free. We have found these 2 materials work well for outdoor applications.

Concrete is cheap to manufacture and naturally quite porous, it therefore has to be sealed to prevent water ingress and staining. So far, we have not found a concrete product which resists staining as well as granite and ceramic. When stored during the winter, concrete can develop mildew if the cover being used to protect it is not porous, a problem we have not found with granite or ceramic. UV stability must also be considered. Ceramic and granite have a good to excellent resistance to UV, concrete has to be pigmented so it depends on the quality of the pigment and the UV sealer protecting it. The same applies to Limestone which is even more porous. Marble although beautiful, has a reduced UV resistance when compared to granite and will fade over a few years.

Why do you provide a glass wind shield with each gas fire table?

Flames are susceptible to wind. From our experience a glass wind shield offers the user the ability to choose between an unprotected flame and a protected flame depending on the weather conditions. Our wind shields are simple to install and remove, take a look at our “Windshield Design and Installation” videos in the Product Videos webpage. Whether you use the wind shield is your choice, it works to centralise the flame during blustery conditions and even multiplies the effect of the flames through the reflections on the inside surface of the glass. To ensure superb clarity, we have used a more expensive low iron glass not the typical float glass used in your windows at home.

Why don't I just bring one in from America?

Other than we believe we offer superior designs and build qualities there are fundamental regulation points you should consider. Firstly, if you reside in the UK or EU, the model you bring in has to be CE approved. America uses different standards and their gas pressures are different. What you buy over there may not work over here. You can only legally install CE approved units within Europe. Also consider the long term maintenance and convenience, with spare parts that may be required down the line for the consumable items such as the pilot light – lead times for delivery, shipping costs and import taxes.

What does a CE Mark mean?

CE approval ensures that it has been made to a certain standard and is safe to use under the conditions it was designed for. Each appliance should come with the “Manufacturers Instruction Manual” which covers the installation of the appliance, what fuel beds can be installed and the scenarios it was designed for. If you use the appliance in a scenario not covered in the “Manufacturers Instruction Manual”, change the appliance or use fuel beds not covered in the “Manufacturers Instruction Manual” then it is not covered by a CE mark.


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