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Find your nearest fire to view

We have a showroom at our HQ in Sheffield, which you’re more than welcome to visit to see our product range. Alternatively there are a number of Fire Tables in public locations that you can view here.

Welcome to Rivelin

Formed in 2014

At the beginning of every company stands one person, one vision. Rivelin is no different. Dr Robert Smith launched Rivelin in May 2014 after 3 years design and development. His vision was to produce the highest quality outdoor furniture embodying form and function, art and technology, all made within the UK.

With a background in gas fires, Rivelin’s first venture into outdoor furniture inevitably began with the development of a stunning range of unique outdoor gas fires and gas fire tables. Unsatisfied with the products available on the market we have tore up the rule book showing how an outdoor fire should look and redesigned every aspect, every detail, incorporating levels of  beauty, and technology unavailable elsewhere.

We constantly push the boundaries and ourselves to deliver furniture that we are proud to make and you will be proud to own. Our passion for detail can be seen in every Rivelin product and this passion is fused into every employee.

Rivelin will continue to design, continue to develop, constantly seeking improvements, exploring new techniques, new technologies and striving for that perfect combination of form and function, a journey which never ends.

We invite you to view our “Range” and explore our “Design Studio”  where you can customise each Rivelin design, adding that personal touch, defining the product we produce as uniquely yours.

Gas Fire Pit Stockists


You can view our outdoor gas fire tables at these locations.


Who we are and What we do

Our Standard

Manufacturing Guild Mark

Rivelin are proud to have been awarded the manufacturing guild mark by the British Furniture Makers’ Company, whose aim is to recognise and inspire the very highest standards within the furnishings industry.

The Manufacturing Guild Mark is an award of excellence, distinguishing Britain’s top furniture manufactures since 1993. Holders must attain the highest standards in all aspects of their business and are required to undergo a rigorous independent audit every 3 years to ensure these standards are withheld.

Unlike other guild marks the Manufacturing Guild Mark is awarded to the company as a whole, and is not just a applied to a single product. As such it represents the high attention to detail we ensure runs at the heart of every product we produce, whether it be from our standard range or a bespoke crafted one off.

Made in Sheffield

Sheffield has been noted for its skilled craftsmen and artisans as early as 1390 and began cutlery production in the 16th Century when the steel crucible process powered Sheffield factories to manufacture much higher quantities of quality steel than anywhere else. Sheffield was ideally suited to steel production, the valleys with streams gave access to water power, the crags overlooking the Hope Valley provided the grit stone for producing grinding wheels, and the availability of iron ore provided the basic raw material. Sheffield continued to be at the for front of steel development and in 1913 Harry Brearley discovered Stainless Steel at the Brown Firth research laboratory, Sheffield.

The city’s international reputation was so great that in the early 20th century, the Sheffield Defence Committee was formed to defend the name of Sheffield across the globe. The term “Made in Sheffield”  is trademarked and Sheffield based companies must apply and fit certain manufacturing requirements every 2 years to use the term “Made in Sheffield”. Rivelin are proud to say we are approved to use the term “Made in Sheffield” on all our products.

Sheffield’s 600-year manufacturing heritage has bred thousands of highly-skilled craftsmen who continue to demonstrate why “Made in Sheffield”, still holds the same prestige.

Made in SheffieldMade in Britain




Our Founders Journey

From a young age Dr Smith was always inquisitive, always hands on. At 16 he started a Metallurgical Apprenticeship and at 18 bought his first car a VW beetle. Taking apart the engine and rebuilding it formed a long lasting impression, a love of technology, materials and an admiration for great designers like Dr Ferdinand Porsche.

Unsatisfied with the opportunities presented to him following his apprenticeship, he attended University studying Materials Science. On graduating, he extended his academic studies taking a PhD in Ceramics and developing a new class of materials. This resulted in a series of patents bearing his name and the opportunity to develop a pilot plant and ultimately a full scale production plant. In 2002 at he finally took the plunge to start his own company when the ceramic plant he developed relocated to the USA.

From a small workshop he worked for the next 12 months developing alternative ceramic processes, funded through a UK government grant. Although not entirely successful, this period of being self funded increased his resolve to build a business. A slight change of direction within the same industry, produced that all so elusive first order.

What followed was the development of a ceramic manufacturing plant producing unique recipes and unique designs. Supplied to leading gas fire manufacturers and designers throughout the UK, the products were regarded as cutting edge, too cutting edge for some manufacturers.

Never one to accept compromise on design or quality, and having worked closely with gas fire manufacturers over a period of 10 years, Robert’s knowledge of combustion technology and the fire industry was cemented and his desire to produce his own gas fires was born.  In 2007 Robert began experimenting and started selling bio-ethanol fires through Prestigious Fires and slowly the idea of moving into fires became a reality. In 2010, Prestigious Fires sold their first externally sourced outdoor gas burner.

Over the following 2 years, Prestigious Fires continued to grow sales of outdoor gas burners whilst starting to develop their own outdoor gas fire designs. In 2012, these designs were launched at the RHS Tatton park show.  In 2012 Robert closed his ceramic manufacturing plant to concentrate on the outdoor gas fire range. The next two years brought a significant step change to the business. Unsatisfied with the design aspects and materials of the gas burner being externally sourced, Robert embarked on CE marking his own burners and further expanded the range until it became natural to form a new brand  which embodied his values of form and function – all Made within the UK. In May 2014 Rivelin was born, embodying these values whilst embracing the latest technology and 3D design principles. We have named ourselves after the fast-flowing River Rivelin, whose flow has been harnessed to drive the water wheels of twenty forges, metal-working mills and flour mills, that over the years have helped to build Sheffield into the manufacturing powerhouse it became.

Today Rivelin manufacturers its own products and uses its own CE approved gas burners. Taking inspiration from around the globe, we combine craftsmanship with the latest technology to produce levels of beauty and precision that can’t be found elsewhere. Robert leads this vision and remains an instrumental driving force in improving and designing new models, or providing the expertise required on commissioned pieces with his resolute attention to detail and design.


Join the Team

At Rivelin we’re always looking for talented individuals to join our growing company. Our close knit team design, test and assemble all products in house.

We value dedicated individuals who give importance to attention to detail and managing projects from start to finish. If you’re a hard working, team player and aspire to be the best at what you do, then we’d like to hear from you.

Rivelin are based in South Yorkshire (UK). We’re currently recruiting for the following positions:

Production Operative x 1.

Role includes product assembly, testing and fabrication including welding using MIG and TIG. Those looking for a full job description should contact [email protected]